We believe that ‘fewer things, done well’ will maximize our effectiveness and ultimately have the greatest benefit to our partners and those we serve. The following Mission, Vision, and Values were developed by our team and have become the driving essentials for shaping who we are, defining what we do, and keeping us focused on why we do it.

Our Mission:

  • Healing Wounds, Changing Lives 

Our Vision:

  • To partner with clinicians across the continuum of care and provide wound healing solutions to those in need.  Our innovative approach will impact the community by improving patient outcomes, enhancing the patient experience, and ultimately reducing the financial burden of care.  In this way, we will make an immediate and lasting difference.

Our Values:

  • People – seems obvious of course, but our approach must be – every person matters every time.  We believe that citizen based care can change the health paradigm and our responsibility is to do work that will positively impact patients, caregivers, and clinicians.
  • Technology  – innovation and development of new ideas is not only exciting, but the correct application can truly change lives.  We will always seek out and identify products and services that have the ability to enhance the wound healing experience.
  • Evidence – the driving force for the best care strategies.  We are committed to taking a common sense approach to evaluating the information provided and making expert decisions with the evidence in one hand and experience in the other.
  • Change – not for the sake of change but for the benefit of others. We know that a consistent pattern of evaluation and feedback coupled with personal and corporate development enables us to be better partners in care to those we serve.
  • Empathy – self identifying with the situation or circumstances of others enables us to bring help and hope to those in need.  We have an incredible opportunity to come alongside members of our community – to listen, respond, and make a move towards improving their well being.