Thomas Edison has been quoted as saying, “People often don’t recognize an opportunity because it shows up wearing overalls and looking a lot like hard work.”

While you probably won’t ever find us wearing overalls, we do believe we recognize opportunity and embrace the hard work that comes along with it.  In 2008, business partners Ron Rene’ and Jonathan Walters launched Mission Health Concepts, Inc in order to provide comfort and healing to those patients across the Rochester community in need of wound care.

Over the past several years our company has grown both in size and in scope.  Transforming from solely a product solutions provider and emerging as a knowledge based leader focused on creating an innovative strategy to meet the needs of those we serve.

Please click on the links above to meet our Team and take a few minutes to review our Essentials.  It is our people who make the difference and it is our values that enable us to complete our daily mission of Healing Wounds, Changing Lives!