Our full line of Specialty Beds allow caregivers to match the best product to the specific needs of any patient.  With adjustable heights, widths, and lengths, as well as enhanced weight capacities, we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for – just when you need it most.

Carroll Series CS7 Bed

The innovative CS7 has already become the industry standard for long-term care beds. With an Auto Contour feature that simultaneously raises both the head and the knees, residents stay comfortably in place while being better positioned for reading, watching TV or talking to family members. The simultaneous movement also helps prevent painful skin shearing that might otherwise occur during repositioning.


  • Rapid tool free assembly minimizes delivery set-up time and makes maintenance easier
  • Floor lock system secures the bed to the floor at all height ranges but allows for Mobilty-On-Demand. Caregivers do not have to wait for the bed to be raised to its full height before transporting or maneuvering. An easy to read indicator alerts staff if the bed is off its castors and not locked properly.
  • Exclusive arched slat deck design allows for improved infection control and reduces wear and tear on mattresses
  • Carroll CS beds feature a rugged Hand Control, with bright, universal symbols, allowing residents and staff to easily operate the comfort controls of the bed.
  • The optional 10-function Attendant Control Panel allows staff to easily operate all functions of the bed from the footboard. In addition, staff can choose to restrict access to the resident by locking out any or all functions of the Hand Control directly from the panel.


Height Adjustment: 7″ – 30″ Height Range
Product Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. Weight Capacity
Material: Ergonomically Designed, Rugged, Water-Resistant Pendant
Overall Length: Universal Deck Length (76″ or 80″)
Battery: Optional Battery Backup
Product Weight: 190 lbs.
Wheels: Swivel
Back Angle: 70 Degrees
Warranty: Electronics – 2 Years
Mechanical – 5 Years
Frame – 10 Years
Overall Width: 36″/39″/42″


Heavy Duty Bed

The BAR750 Bariatric Bed is a heavy-duty full-electric bed frame capable of supporting up to 750 lb. With the patient in mind, this bed expands from 39″ wide to a full 48″ and from 80″ in length to 88″. Four ultra-quiet DC actuators easily reposition the head and foot sections, as well as the bed height. And, for the ultimate in safety, the bed comes standard with a battery backup.


  • Heavy-duty frame design ensures added strength for client support. Split-spring design eases delivery and setup
  • Two locking casters on head section and two steering lock casters on foot section. Two high-low motors, one on head section and one on foot section
  • Pendant allows for dynamic client positioning. Quiet, smooth operation
  • Integrated battery backup, bed ends and half rails standard. Choose from three mattress width options
  • BARMATT Mattress options meet fire safety regulations 16CFR1633 and 16CFR1632. 650 lb. patient weight capacity. 750 lb. total weight capacity
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Heavy Duty Trapeze

The Invacare® Heavy Duty Trapeze unit is an important patient room accessory designed to help the users change positions while in bed and to aid in transferring from bed to chair with easy attendant assistance. Trapeze units have a wide range of height adjustments and handbar positions to maximize patient accessibility.

  • Three locking overhead boom angle positions for comfortable, secure use
  • Tool-free design simplifies assembly. Four piece sub-assembly significantly reduces setup time
  • Lightweight design for easy delivery
  • Free-standing structure permits use with Bariatric, Home Care or non-medical bed
  • Assisted 1000 lb. patient weight capacity

Hi-Lo Heavy Duty Bed

The Zenith 9000 with Slide W-I-D-E Deck is designed for comfort and efficient operation:

Height travel range: 7” to 30”
Straight vertical rise protects walls and maintains footprint.
Strong, no-sag grid deck sleep surface with sturdy cross braces.
Safe Work Load: 600 pounds

Intuitive two-pedal locking system is centrally positioned and easily visible from a distance to ensure that the bed is locked. Pedal locks are readily accessible at ALL bed heights and widths, even in the lowest position. Bed rolls at any height reducing caregiver back strain.

Bed provides 360° mobility at ANY height.

Directional mechanism on front caster is accessible at all heights for ease in rolling the bed.

Optional embedded staff control in footboard

  • Angled for better visibility
  • Two-stage lockouts – lockout of pendant use and lockout of embedded staff control

Maximum underbed clearance for use with overbed tables and patient lifts.

Bed easily adjusts for use at 76” or 80” length.

  • Adjustable wall saver positions (76”, 80”, and for use with a trapeze) provide the smallest footprint at each length, while protecting the wall (included with bed)
  • Adjustable mattress retainer securely supports mattress position for 76” or 80” length (included with bed)
  • Edema foot ratchet to elevate the foot end of the bed (included with bed)

SilverSolutions™ within the powder-coating provides antimicrobial surface protection

  • Kills 99.9% of odor and stain causing bacteria
  • Lasts for the expected life of the bed
  • Non-allergenic and safe for the environment
  • High concentration of silver ions gives high efficacy
  • Requires no special handling
  • A cost effective solution that is built in to last

Highest Safety and Quality Standards
Unrestricted UL Listing
Built to conform to UL 60601-1, IEC601-2-38, and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 the Zenith Series offers the following ensuring the utmost resident and staff safety:

  • Grounded – Standard Hospital Grade Plug
  • No pinch points within 200mm of bed perimeter
  • Bed can be used as a transport device because it passes threshold clearance at ALL heights by 20mm
  • Splash-proof electronics
  • Load capacity and tip-stability tested and approved

NEW Improved Warranty

  • 15 years on frame
  • 5 years on motors and control box (longest motor warranty in the industry)
  • 3 years on other electronics

Proudly Made in America.

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